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Like Jazz - tour in 7 cities of Bulgaria

April 12 - Plovdiv - Bee Bop Cafe
April 13 - Stara Zagora - Regional library "Zachary Knyazheski"
April 14 - Burgas, House of the National Army
April 15 - Dobrich - Mirror Hall "Nelly Bozhkova"
April 16 - Varna - "Festival congress center" Hall 1
April 17 - Veliko Tarnovo - hotel "Premier" ; Hall "Tsarevets"
May 14 - Sofia - NDK Hall 6
Angel Zaberski (piano), Stoyan Yankulov - Stundji (drums) and Boris Taslev (bass) will present their second artist album Like Jazz on tour in 7 cities of Bulgaria. Fans of the trio of Plovdiv, Stara Zagora, Burgas, Dobrich, Varna, Veliko Tarnovo and Sofia will be able to hear live their new works.
After the album Reflections Spring 2013 trio recording a new album with totally works of Angel Zaberski, unveiled premiere audience on December 2 in First studio of Radio Plovdiv.
In the new album literally meeting jazz classics. The album includes famous operas and plays in modern jazz version. 
"Like Jazz" synthesized two seemingly incompatible arts - opera and jazz. The album these terms do not confront the contrary - achieved convincing new image of well-known game between the old and the new. Stepping beyond the frame compositions it unfold sturdily in the field of free music. Hence the overall feeling of mutuality, music, overcoming stereotypes, alienation and sterile music making. "Like Jazz" achieves a new and meaningful communication in terms of musical material, and in terms of dialogue between the work and the listener.
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